Mwangi Gicheru: an obituary


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The Kenyan literary scene is the poorer following the death of Mwangi Gicheru, the man that brought you the novel Across the Bridge. Gicheru, who was running a restaurant business in Mombasa’s Mtwapa, died in his sleep on the eve of Sunday May 4.


According to family members His body was discovered on the morning of Sunday, March 4, after he failed to wake up. Workers reported the matter to the local police who gave the go-ahead for the house to be broken into. The body was taken to the Pandya Memorial Hospital Mortuary. Post mortem results determined the cause of death to be heart attack.

Gicheru will be fondly remembered by hordes of book lovers who devoured his book Across the Bridge in the late 70s, 80s and 90s. Across the Bridge, though not his first title, became many a readers’ favourite and catapulted Gacheru to the peak…

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Are these the top ten Kenyan books of all time?


maisha yetu

Sometime back I compiled a list of what I thought we the top ten Kenyan books of all time. I actually did the project to coincide with Kenya’s Jubilee celebrations. Since this list is mine some of my readers might feel that it is not complete or even subjective, but hey one has to start somewhere. What are your thoughts?

  1. The River Between

the river between

This is the book that introduced Ngugi wa Thiong’o as a writer of note. Following in the tradition of Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart, The River Between tackled the issue of the clash between African traditions and customs, on the one hand, and the white man’s way of life and religion (Christianity) on the other. This book has been the subject of heated debate among readers as to the real message Ngugi wanted to convey, despite the fact that it has been a school set book…

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Hafla ya Uzinduzi wa Tamthilia ya ‘Mbaya Wetu’ – Ken Walibora

“Tunakualika rasmi kwa uzinduzi huu utakaongozwa na PLO. Lumumba na Ken Walibora. Zaidi, kutakuwa na mchezo wa kuigiza kuhusu kitabu.


Hafla ya Uzinduzi wa Tamthilia ya 'Mbaya Wetu' - Ken Walibora

Hafla ya Uzinduzi wa Tamthilia ya ‘Mbaya Wetu’ – Ken Walibora