Snippets of my Mind

It’s not everyday that I write about inspiring experiences, so for this piece I’d advice you to grab your popcorns, sit down, and read discerningly. Take your pencils and notebooks too, for you are bound to pick out a great life lesson from this doozy.

The other day I was attending a function at a well heeled mall, The Junction. It was a book fair where aspiring writers and readers were to mingle with their favourite authors. Connoisseurs of literature, top notch journalists, inspirational pundits, and established authors were to be in attendance.

I was rushing frenetically towards the Railways bus stop, shoving myself through the phalanx of hawkers who had almost barricaded the road. However, the merchandise of a particular hawker caught my eye and I halted at his stand. He was selling pens.

A lot of hawkers were also vending biros around that place. But what was so…

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