BOOK REVIEW: Den of Inequities by Kinyanjui Kombani

Kazi iliyokolezwa lugha na ucheshi, sikwambii ubunifu wayo…. Kongole Bw Kinyanjui.

Leaf a Little


It took me a couple of days to complete Den of Inequities as I had to pry it out of my mother’s hands. She was hooked after the first chapter which breathes life into the book, evoking strong emotion. It introduces the injustice in a slum in Nairobi, a mirror to the real Nairobi slums.
Den of Inequities is greatly a man’s perspective on the life in Kenyan slums where civilians and police do not coexist amicably. Outlawed groups take matters into their own hands to meet the shortcomings of their government, providing electricity to slum dwellers through illegal connections and employment to unemployed youth. Rogue cops and government officials look out for their own interest and obliterate anyone who stands in their way.
Majority of the well developed characters in Den of Inequities are male, with women doing little other than furthering the plot. Father and son relationship…

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