A legend, pioneer, master thespian, hero

A legend, pioneer, master thespian, hero


“Next! Your name please,” St Peters said as he logged in the names of the evening arrivals at the Pearly Gates on Sunday 12, 2015.

“McDonald, McGregory, Ojwang’, Hatari, Ondiek, Mang’ang’a, Sibuor, Brrrrrrr! Hm Eh Otoyo, Esquire,” came the response that did not only capture St Peters’ attention but also brought a smile on his face. “How are you Sir?”

Mzee Ojwang Hatari. (courtesy of venasnews) Mzee Ojwang Hatari. (courtesy of venasnews)

“That introduction brought a smile to many households back there on earth, Mzee Ojwang or shall I call you by the other unknown name Benson Wanjau,” St Peters quipped as he busied himself. “Some of your former colleagues and friends who came up here earlier have continued to be class acts. Amka Twende and Othoron’gon’go Danger never tire to remind us that “a cow boy never dies. And when he dies, he never rots. And when he rots, he never smells. And when he…

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