“The Politics of Betrayal in Kenya” by Joe Khamisi

– Former MP Joe Khamisi has authored a thought-provoking book entitled, The Politics of Betrayal in Kenya, aimed at‘exposing the rot in the Kenya political system’. The book illustrates how the electorate has been betrayed their political ‘leaders’.

It mainly centres on the politically shaky period between 2001 and 2008 and particularly on president Kibaki’s first term in office (when the author was himself a member of parliament). It also delves into historical happenings like President Moi’s rule (1978-2002) mentions instances of gov’t repression and grand corruption. Continue reading

The Green Cross of Kafira By Francis D. Imbuga

 The Green Cross of Kafira By Francis D. Imbuga

The Green Cross of Kafira By Francis D. Imbuga

The Green Cross of Kafira, published posthumously by Bookmark Africa, is the last in a trilogy of Kafira plays that started with Betrayal in the City (1975), followed by Man of Kafira, first staged in 1979.

When the play opens, they are on a spying mission that is supposed to be so covert, it must be carried out in the absence of their personal assistants, drivers and even bodyguards. Continue reading