Chozi la Heri na Assumpta K.Matei

Chozi la Heri na Assumpta K.Matei


Mungu wangu! Huyu si ndugu yangu Mwaliko?” alisema Umu kimyakimya. Dick naye alikuwa kaghumiwa, hajui ia kusema. Anamtazama mnuna wake kana kwamba ni Mr Super Man katika sinema za kijasiri. Wote wawili walitazamana, kila mmoja akiapa moyoni kuwa amewahi kumwona kiumbe huyu mahali, lakini hakuna aliyethubutu kunena. Continue reading

Chuma Nwokolo, JR – Diaries of a Dead African, 2003.

Diaries of a Dead African

Diaries of a Dead African

If you say “I Do Not Come to You by Chance by Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani” was the first novel that expounded on the 419 topic, that is because you have not yet read Diaries of a Dead African. Published six years before. An epistolary novel, a diary entry of a father and his two sons.

To start with, the first entry belongs to the father, Meme Jumai, a poverty-stricken farmer, so wretched that his wife abandoned him and left him with nothing. He barely had enough food to survive on until the next harvest. In his diary, he narrated how his every day survival was a contant struggle and how he gradually turned into a laughing stock of  his village. Firstly, because his wife left him and secondly, because starvation was ridiculously doing away with his life. In fact, it eventually hastened his death. Continue reading