Just Who is Wahome Mutahi “Whispers” – A Drink with a Conman

Wahome Mutahi

Wahome Mutahi

The father of satire and humour in Kenya was for years the most popular columnist in East Africa. Behind the mirth, however,  was one of the most vicious critics of government who penned award-winning novels like Jail Bugs and Three Days on the Cross.


Over a week ago, a dear friend of ours, a man full of theatre in his blood, spoke and said: “I am taking a nap. It might be a long nap but anyway, I will dream about you.” That man took the nap and never woke up., and we from it. After that we had nothing else to do but to return him to the soil.

So last weekend we went to Siaya to return the Son of Siaya to the soil. The Son of Siaya and the Son of Kenya was Lenin Ogolla. and, As you read this, the man is probably having a long chat with Jaramogi Odinga or being shown around by Tom Mboya in the other world. He is most likely getting orientation on how things run in the other world from Tom Mboya. Lenin, may you give that other place as much theatre as you gave us down here on earth. Continue reading