Book Review: A Journey Within, by Florence Mbaya

Book Review: A Journey Within, by Florence Mbaya

The author has employed third person narrative voice (omniscient narrator), which has enabled her to narrate and portray the various characters and events in her story with ease. Further, she has used jargon-free and easy to understand language making her narrative friendly to people of different academic levels.

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A journey within is a novel by Kenyan author Florence Mbaya. The storyline revolves around the career life of the leading character in the novel – Monika Saliku. At the beginning of the novel, Monika appears as a fresh graduate hopeful of acquiring a job within the city. On the contrary she lands a job in a remote part of the country. She leaves behind friends such as Stella (her former college mate and best friend) and family such as Miriam (her sister). Having to settle for a career she dislikes (teaching) turns out as the opportunity she needed to have the chance of self discovery.

As the title of the novel suggests, the novel focuses on Monikas’ journey of self discovery and insight. On arrival at Kostas Secondary school following her posting, she receives a cold welcome from most of the fellow teachers, among them Max, a male teacher…

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