Dear friend… this is for you!

Dear friend… this is for you!

Dear friend… this is for you!

What really happened to the days when friendship was real and true? When friends once cared about one’s ongoing academically, morally, socially, physically… lly? The list is always endless. Is it me who changed? I have always asked myself and if my change was so radical and spontaneous, then why wasn’t I corrected? Why do we have to let this change drive a whole consequence to a wacky end?

Spare me the crap! If it is for the so called ‘relations’ the last time I checked you read a book of that caliber — self-confidence — but seems your style has changed from ‘Think Big’ to ‘300 Things a Girl Should Know About Boys.’

Dear crony, your pride has taken you too far. The last time we talked you were angry for a jeopardy that I was not even aware of. Your accusation made my heart heavy with guilt and brought a web of complex confusion.

My thought towards us is that, we’re both trying so hard to be perfect. I try to click your attention but you are always busy to enter it. Like an enemy I strain and memorize all your feebleness. Your enigmas and vices are at the tips of my lips folded firmly at my palms.

Dear friend… this is for you!

Dear friend… this is for you!

We both have a legitimate fantasy of being ‘so cool’ in our own ways. To avenge for your mistakes I look for all your goodness and desires and turn you against other protesting rivals. Reconciliation is the last thing on my mind because ‘think of it’ I am fine that way. You should not have embarrassed me that day. You made me look like a fool. Long and gone are the days when you used to heed… “Run” you’d say and I would ask “how far?” It took courage to get out of your arms for you have exploited me.

Dear friend… this is for you!

Memories are hazy and episodic, not worthy to be forgotten – A national celebration that deserves a soap opera presentation. Don’t worry for a time shall come when you’ll be credited for all you’ve done.

You’re so special if only you can realize it. Frustration and anger build in you. You have dehumanized yourself with getting away from trouble with ‘Liquor’ from what I gather you two are good friends. You left a scar and like a tattoo it will always remain. I vividly remember all the stories we shared and can’t forget about you’re drug addicted brother (who always robbed the villagers’ kukus) you have been through hills and plateaus but please don’t forget where you came from.

I was your ultimate friend and gave you a shoulder to lean on, better still to weep on. You always looked up to me in everything. I was your fashion guru giving you all the fashion mantra. I even gave up the interview with the N.S.S.F boss to spare time to get you out of your traumatized life.

We were like sisters although from different mothers. We were inseparable.  Now it has been some months and ‘’January’ makes it a year since you got employed in the Imperial British Company. I always thought of you as a friend but I guess a friend in need is not a friend in deed anymore.

Dear friend… this is for you!

Dear friend… this is for you!

I reminiscence that I was the one who introduced you to the Managing director who was my classmate; you decree now but not forever. Rumor has it that you are now wearing designer clothes… You chat with worldly imitated icons. My star is yet to shine. Every dog has its day and for me, my share for bones is yet to come. I hold no grudge and my conscience is as clear as crystal. I just can’t help but wonder, “Was I so much of a bug and irritating that you had to put up with me?”

Well, maybe it is because I have got issues up my sleeves but remember that forbidden fruit tastes good but there is always room for karma.

Yours faithfully,

Your long forgotten friend.

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