When the Sun goes Down and Other Stories.

When the Sun goes Down and Other Stories.

When the Sun goes Down and Other Stories.

The sixteen short stories featured in “When the Sun goes Down and Other Stories” (published in 2010) come from various corners of Africa and beyond.

Contributors include renowned authors like;
Rydah Jacobs (South Africa)
Moses Isegawa (Uganda)
Grace Ogot (Kenya)
Sefi Atta (Nigeria)
and many others.

This title When the Sun Goes Down and other stories from Africa and Beyond is an anthology of sixteen short stories by Emilia Ilieva and Waveney Olembo, both dons in Egerton and Kenyatta university.

The main story When the Sun Goes Down written by Kenyan Goro wa Kamau and gave the book its title, talks succinctly on how society treats and stigmatise HICV/AIDS victims by following the lives of positive couples struggling for acceptance from their neighbors.

The story too like Kenyan Grace Ogot’s Bamboo Hut and Moroccan Leila Abouzeid Two Stories of a House also tackle the issue of gender relation not only in the family but also among members of the society.

“Arrested Development”

Other stories like Arrested Development by Zimbabwean Sindisile Tshuma talks of corruption and poort road infrastructure akin the chaotic matatus in Kenya while Sefi Atta from Nigeria talks about the issue of emigrants from West Africa going to Spain through North Africa by following the hazardous journey of a would be emigrant in Twilight Trek.

 Title: When the Sun Goes Down

Author: Emilia Ilieva and Waveney Olembo (Editors)

Publisher: Sasa Sema, 2011

Genre: Fiction (Anthology)

Pages: 199

ISBN: 9966 36 453 6

Additional  Infor: The Burning Splint & Africa Book Club.

19 thoughts on “When the Sun goes Down and Other Stories.

  1. Congratulations to the heroes of literature in the world and I really appreciate the kind of efforts they are making to make the whole world a global village. I have hopes that I shall join the world of authors of literally works very soon. I therefore give special thanks to our prominent lectures for considering the new faces of writers in this Anthology and their capabilities have been fully realized for example Kenya’s Goro Wa Kamau has really shown the world that he can really do well in this field when given humble chances to do so I really like this story “when the Sun Goes Down”. It moves the reader in all dimensions both emotional and appealing and by the I even recommend that let the KNEC use it in the setting of main examinations to make students read it more and more so as to know the kind of world we are living in; Full of stigmatization, hatred and individualism .

  2. I think the only true friend who might have stick to Steve is Tom a young teacher. Kanja betrays Steve he cant even take the Juice Maurine offered him. I think he triggered the death of Maurine.

  3. Congraturations to whoever who made this contribution to the book though its cumbersome its the best book touching every situation of human life champione champione

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