THEME: Betrayal in the City – By Francis Imbuga

1. Betrayal In the City Dialogues Themes of Betrayal

  • 2. Cultural Betrayal Nina 

  • You took our all, but you will not take the grave from us. If you do not go now, I shall strip and show you the poor naked bones you have left me. Do you want to be blinded by the nakedness of your grandmother’s agemate? Jere  :No, we do not ask for blindness. You see, this friend of mine does not belong here. He doesn’t know our ways. Doga  :Then he should keep quiet instead of turning our hearts over and over. Mulili  :Big coward. Why you doesn’t let her get on with it. How many naked body I have seen and I am still Mulili with my two eyes, natural? Look, no glass goggles. Doga  :Let us forget he ever was born. Young man, the shape of your head even with that thing on is a familiar shape. Tell me, are you not Kaleka’s son? Jere  :I am Doga  :Then listen to me. Your father and I shared the same knife at circumcision. What devil makes you look me in the face? Jere  :I do not look you in the face. I know the bitterness in your heart.
  • 3. Personal Betrayal Jere  :

  • I will show you why. Mulili, come towards me.  ( Mulili obeys .)  This man is your cousin.  Mulili  :He is only distant cousin, that is all. Jere  :Give me one good reason why he should not be killed. Mulili  :No reason. You can kill. Jere  :Do you agree that he should be got rid of? Mulili  :Kabisa! One, he take everything in his hand. Two, he spoil the economic of Kafira. Three, he rule too long. Change is like rest. Four, he kill Kabito.  Boss  :Am I hearing right? Mulili?  ( to Jere )  Shoot me. Spare me this betrayal. Shoot me!
  • THEME: Betrayal in the City - By Francis Imbuga

    Francis Imbuga

    That is why you are best ignored. Here I am wasting time talking to you instead of helping the others to fill in forms for your rehabilitation. Jere  :Rehabilitation? After only two days? Askari : Yes; you will need it. It’s the only way out of here, otherwise you will never be allowed to mix freely. You see, we have research stations dotted all over the countryside. Experiments at these research stations show that rehabilitation is invaluable for all who pass through here. You should be thankful that in spite of your contribution to the national headache, we still give your future some consideration. Jere  :I am truly grateful now that I know what awaits me. I didn’t know you took such pains. Askari  :Experts had to be imported to give meaning to the data. It wasn’t the type of work any of these local pretenders would handle.

  • 5. Political Betrayal

  • Mosese: I said everything in mitigation. All I had to say, but it did not help. Words have lost meaning to me. Rehabilitation, nationalisation, africanisation. What do all these words mean? What is africanisation in your mother tongue? Askari  ( visibly embarrassed )  I—I don’t answer such foolish questions. You answer him. What is africanisation in your mother tongue? Jere  Do you and I share a mother tongue? Askari  Correct! Now don’t you ask any other foolish questions. I am here to see that you ask no questions.
  • 6. Political Betrayal Mosese: 

  • Blows were exchanged in the planning committee over whether the changing of names should be item number one or three in the development plan. Boss had just changed his name; hence the anxiety of some members to put it top. I changed mine for different reasons. I had no choice but to change it.
  • 7. Political Betrayal

  • Mosese : That is why I don’t believe in such crap as the last shall be first, and blessed are the poor for they shall inherit the kingdom of heaven! For years we waited for the Kingdom, then they said it had come. Our Kingdom had come at last, but no. It was all an illusion. How many of us have set eyes upon that Kingdom? What colour is it?
  • 8. Political Betrayal

  • (the extravagance of the African bourgeoisie) Tumbo  Aaa! God knows I needed that drink. It’s a tough job being a top government servant. Aaa! This is a great drink; yet some people say we are not really independent. Let me ask you, would we drink like this if we weren’t independent?
  • 9. Political Betrayal Jusper  ( removes money from his pocket )  Mr. Tumbo, your change. Tumbo  Oh, that! Keep change. I know you students only have money in theory. Bye. Jusper  Bye.  ( Exeunt Tumbo and Regina. Wendo, still holding the money in his hand, moves downstage to remind the audience of what he holds .)  The fruits of independence. We get them second-hand.  ( fade lights .)

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  6. its one of the best literature books bt we need more elaboration so that many of african readers wil be more watchdogs 2 the greedy leaders.keep fire burning

    • in deed He is a true breed from Kenya. Bravo Imbuga. keep it up

      On 10/4/14, | Fasihi | Literature in Africa |

  7. Am happy for this especialy to me.I preferentialy ask my colligue students at St Peters Nyakinywa to read it before tommorow.SUCCESS!!!

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